Posted by: acejewelers | March 17, 2008

Prize Winners Announced

This week the winner of the IWC Pilot Mark XV Spitfire and the ten winners of the Ace Cuff Link Watches have been notified by mail of their prizes.

Because we are updating our databases, they only thing the customers of Ace Jewelers had to do, is update and/or fill out their contact details (see previous post).

The winner of the brand new IWC watch, was so delighted, he came to pick it up during his lunch break:

Winnaar IWC Horloge

The watch is presented by Maarten van der Vegte, the assistant manager of Ace & Dik. He also presented the ten pairs of cuff links to the winners:

Winnaar Manchetknopen

To win prizes in the future, please send an e-mail to blog [at] with your contact details and make sure to stay tuned to this blog.



  1. Congrats to the winners of these great prices!

  2. And not very nice of 1 trying to sell it immediately

  3. 😉 Ik wil ook winnen!!

  4. @Loeki: Thank you for your excited feedback. You can win too! Make sure that you are registered in our database. We are sending out a new mailing soon, with a chance to win a brand new Swiss automatic watch. Keep posted for more information!

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