Posted by: acejewelers | April 9, 2008

Team Ace Trade Show Review: Basel Day 4

Today we attended BaselWorld for the last day and it was a long one. We had a hectic schedule, which usually we have more than two days for, we did in one day. That is why we split up Team Ace and visited the following jewelry & accessories brands:

– Jean-Marc Garel
– Georg Jensen
– MeeVida
– Marco Bicego
– Stockert
– Meister
– Sasha Prima
– Ace Watch Box Producer
– Grand Tour of Hall 5.0 & 5.1

Hereby a photo review of many beautiful jewels that passed through our hands… Some we bought, some we did certainly not buy:

Hainz Mayer
Hainz Mayer Eternity Rings

Hainz Mayer
Hainz Mayer: More Eternity Rings

Jean-Marc Garel is a French jewelry designer and is getting world-wide recognition… This years stand grew again:

Jean-Marc Garel Stand
Jean-Marc Garel Pearls
Jean-Marc Garel Pearl Collection

Jean-Marc Garel Pearls
Jean-Marc Garel Pearl Collection (Inspired by Japanse styles)

Jean-Marc Garel Graphique
Jean-Marc Garel Graphique Collection

Jean-Marc Garel Cirlces
Jean-Marc Garel: “Life is a circle”

Jean-Marc Garel LE
Jean-Marc Garel Limited Edition set

Stockert is a family-run business of German master goldsmiths and Ace & Dik is proud to present this collection exclusively in Amsterdam: Stockert
Stockert: A part of the Platinum Collection.

Stockert: A harmonious combination of pink gold and pave set diamonds.

Stockert: We nick-named this ring as “Diamond Teeth”.

Stockert: A piece of jeweled architecture, we nick-named it: “The Diamond Curl”.

Stockert: Yes, this is one ring.

Stockert: We were speechless… Yes, this ring is completely hand made.

Stockert: Same ring as previous pic from another angle. Stunning, isn’t it?!

Stockert: This ring belongs to the same family as the previous ring.

Stockert: We nick-named these rings “Trompets of Colour”.

Stockert: More “Trompets”…

Stockert: Excellent piece of craftmanship… White gold, Diamonds & Pearls… A winning combination!

Stockert: Simply Bling! Nothing but diamonds! A Girl’s Best Friend?

Stockert: We nick-named this pendant “The Swing”.

Stockert: “The Spiral of Earth’s Treasures”.

Marco Bicego is a young Italian designer that comes from an ancient jewelers family and we are proud to present his unique collections in Amsterdam at: Ace & Dik Jewelers and Ace & Spyer Jewelers.

Marco Bicego
Marco Bicego: Sorry for the bad picture… We were in a rush :s

MeeVida is a relatively new brand that is a true European product with styling in Paris and production in Antwerp. Ace Jewelers Group will represent MeeVida exclusively in Amsterdam, for this reason for a limited period every customer that purchases a beautiful hand made piece of jewelry from the MeeVida Collection will receive the following gift:

MeeVida: Sterling Silver Heart Key Chain with Silk Pompon.

MeeVida: A timeless, but contemporary Trilogy ring. We will present this ring in yellow, white and pink gold.

MeeVida: A pave set heart pendant set with brilliant cut diamonds totaling about 2 carats.

Of course we visited and bought many more pieces of jeweled art, but this post is getting way to long! Tomorrow we are off to Geneva to visit the SIHH. Stay tuned for the post of the new collections of IWC and Baume & Mercier.


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