Posted by: acejewelers | June 1, 2008

Sneak Preview: Renewed

The ‘Ace Jewelers Group’ in Amsterdam has recently completed an agreement with the eCommerce bureau ‘De Nieuwe Zaak’, to develop a luxury eBoutique for top-of-the-range watches and jewelry.

The Ace Group retails luxury watches, jewelry and accessories – exclusive well-known brands – from three establishments in Amsterdam. Ace Jewelers is the first Jeweler in the Netherlands to use the internet as an additional sales retail- channel. Not only for direct transactions, but also to tempt customers to orientate themselves online, and to then come and purchase in the shop. As feeling and experience are so important, it is essential to find this ultimate combination of appearance and convenience.

CEO of Ace Jewelers, Alon Ben Joseph, has great confidence in this online channel: “There is not yet one Jeweler who is active at the top end of the market. We have seen that one-by-one the top brands are taking the step towards internet, and we want to take our place as official concessionaire. Via the webshop we will combine our large assortment with quick delivery and efficient service. Together with ‘De Nieuwe Zaak’ we can set our goals at a high level. In the coming weeks we will be further developing the eBoutique. At the moment we can begin with a preview:”

Renewed website

According to Jurrien Kerstholt and Peter van Noord of the eCommerce bureau ‘De Nieuwe Zaak’ in Zwolle, the timing of Ace Jewelers could not be better. “We have seen in various retail branches that manufacturers of well-known brands have opened their own webshop, as well as providing licences to third parties. More significantly,an important condition is that items are sold in a professional webshop.We therefore support Ace Jewelers with the appropriate User Experience and couple this with a modern eCommerce platform.”

‘De Nieuwe Zaak ‘is an absolute eCommerce specialist. ‘De Nieuwe zaak’ advises their clients with the strong conviction that the online customer deserves attention from the start ( how to make a visitor a buyer ) to the conclusion( how to make the buyer a regular customer). Moreover, there is a preference for pragmatic solutions that lead to quick results. They have proved their ability to lead clients through all the steps of the eCommerce process – on the graphical, technical and organizational level with creativity and innovation always at the forefront.

For the Dutch readers, news flashes about the development:



Fashion United


IT Commerce




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