Posted by: acejewelers | August 14, 2008

Eden: Jewelry of Pleasure exclusive at Ace Jewelers

Eden Jewelry presented at Ace & Dik Jewelers

Eden Jewelry presented at Ace & Dik Jewelers

At Ace Jewelers we try to present the newest designs in the jewelry and watch industry – but more than that  we want to show exclusive pieces. We believe that jewelry accents your personality, so the jewelry you are wearing should be as exclusive as your character… correct?!

Since this month Ace Jewelers has  partnered with the Belgian jewelry brand “Eden”. The Eden team designs and manufactures hand- made jewelry in 18 carat gold with diamonds and natural gem stones.

Eden is known as the “Place of Pleasure” and the jewelry brand Eden creates pieces that invoke instant pleasure for the wearer and the eye! All designs of Eden are unique and patented.

Diamond with "Hearts & Arrows"

Hearts & Arrows Diamond



The pieces with diamonds all have high-end diamonds with “Hearts & Arrows“-quality. The Hearts and Arrows pattern appears in brilliant-cut diamonds that have very good parallelism and symmetry. When viewed from above, the “crown”, the pattern is a series of eight gray arrowheads. From below, the “pavilion”, the pattern appears as eight heart shapes.

Hearts and Arrows viewers eliminate incoming light from certain angles and cause the pattern to appear black or very dark gray. In order to display this pattern flawlessly, the diamond’s top facet or “table facet” must be exactly perpendicular to the bottom of the diamond or “pavilion”. It must also be cut to have great symmetry of its major facets and have particular lengths of its lower girdle facets.

Here below you can find some pieces designed by Eden that might remind one the fruitful colours from Eden:

For an overview of the collections, please visit the website of Eden. For a live presentation you are welcome from Mondays till Saturdays at Ace & Dik Jewelers (Van Baerlestraat 46, Amsterdam – T: +31 20 6794045).


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