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Rado watch (EUR 1.295,-) to be raffled with the “Inside Design Amsterdam 2008”!

From the 11th until the 14th of September 2008 ELLE Wonen will organise ‘’ Inside Design Amsterdam” for the fifth time.

This means:
A four-day long feast of contemporary design for tens of thousands of visitors.
More than eighty Amsterdam shops, hotels, galleries, restaurants and museums form an inspirational design route. Lloyd hotel & cultural embassy (Oostelijke Handelskade) which will experience a complete metamorphosis, will be the dazzling headquarters.

Design route
From the quay at the Lloyd hotel, shuttle- boats and cars ferry the visitors to the locations around the city, because they too are more than worthy of a visit!

At each of the locations there is something special to see or to do: workshops, performances, exhibitions, tastings, and more besides. At the end of August the ELLE Wonen

“Inside design” newspaper will be published, with a map of the design route and interviews with the participating designers.

This is available from the Lloyd Hotel, at all the participating locations, and from stores throughout the Netherlands (see

Ace Jewelers Group with Rado watches.
For this special occasion Ace & Spyer will show an exclusive collection of Rado watches. Most of the watches in this collection are in black or platinum colour, but other colours are also available: think of blue, pink and white!

This collection can be seen at Ace & Spyer Jewelers, as part of the Design route.

Rado Ceramica

Rado Ceramica

Ace & Spyer Jewelers also have the pleasure to raffle a Rado watch to the value of  EUR 1.295,- .

During the whole four-day feast  it is possible to write down your name and address. At the end of the  four days Ace & Spyer Jewelers will pick out a winner.

A  “go-as-you-please” ticket for the tour  costs EUR. 9,50.
If you purchase online in advance, (  you will receive a EUR. 2,- discount. You pay just EUR. 7,50 and have a chance to win a night in the Lloyd Hotel during Inside Design!
The ”go-as-you-please” ticket provides entry to the Llloyd Hotel and all the participating locations throughout the city. 

Ace & Spyer Jewelers

Ace & Spyer Jewelers

Ace & Spyer Jewelers
Koningsplein 1 (Corner Flowermarket)
1017 BB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

T: +31206240792
F: +31204711846

Opening hours:
Monday 12.00 – 18.00
Tuesday 9.45 – 18.00
Wednesday 9.45 – 18.00
Thursday 9.45 – 21.00
Friday 9.45 – 18.00
Saturday 9.45 – 17.30
Sunday 12.00 – 17.30



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  2. The Rado Gold combines all these qualities, and moulds itself to the wrist, encircling it as though the watch was part of the wearer. Tour

  3. The rado word itself shows its features & having so many combinations like
    R- Ready to wear
    A- Attractive & adjustable
    D- Designable,decent,deligable
    O- Ooze on persons

  4. The Rado Ceramica watch looks great, very strange design but beautifull.

  5. it is a designer watch so no need to use strange design

  6. i own the Rado ceramic, and im loving it everyday!

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