Posted by: acejewelers | January 7, 2010

New at Ace Jewelers: Zoccai Fine Jewellery

Zoccai arises in 1839 as a small goldsmith’s workshop in Venice. With the passing of time the company develops and enlarges its set-up and gains many markets shares and successes, thanks to the definition of the unique key lines which today represent the Zoccai Style. A fine interpretation of gold and precious stones with a particular alchemy of lines, and an ensamble of harmonic contrasts of colors. Because of its constant care and attention to the quick changing market needs Zoccai became one of the leading companies symbol of the “Made in Italy” in the international Jewelry panorama. Zoccai collections are created exclusively with high-quality diamonds, pearls, precious stones and all the different gold colours. Every single jewel item is the result of an accurate research of the fashion trends: a charming blend of modern design and handicraft traditions give birth to jewel masterpieces with an original and unique style for a strong emotional impact.

Zoccai is available at Ace & Spyer Jewelers and at


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