Posted by: acejewelers | May 21, 2010

Art at Ace & Dik Jewelers

At Ace & Dik Jewelers, located on the Van Baerlestraat 46 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), we are proud to have a created a wall where we will expose new and contemporary artists. We started with the Dutch artist Rob Wagschal and his innovative piece we nick-named “The Journey“.

"The Journey" by Rob Wagschal on display at Ace & Dik

"The Journey" by Rob Wagschal on display at Ace & Dik

Rob Wagschal decided a number of years ago to give in to his desire and entirely devote himself to his art expression. He works in his studio in Amsterdam North and so far only exhibited his work collectively with other colleague artists in Amsterdam. Already during his university years in the United States, he was captured by the arts, also in practical sense, by enrolling in studio time on campus. Many years later the opportunity presented itself to continue this interest that resulted in the development as aforementioned.

His first solo exhibit was held from June till mid October 2009, illustration how mixed media, demonstrated in his work, captured him.
For an overview of his work, please visit:

To view “The Journey” live and/or purchase the marvellous piece of art, please visit Ace & Dik.


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