Posted by: acejewelers | May 24, 2010

Breitling Novelty Show 2010 @ Ace & Spyer

(Photo report by Dimer van Santen, eCommerce Manager at Ace Jewelers Group)

This week, Breitling presented their new collection at Ace & Spyer Jewelers in Amsterdam. Watches, champagne and good food, a great combination!

The new models clearly wear the Breitling signature. For me, three models caught my attention. The Superocean II (with yellow inner bezel), the Blackbird Blacksteel and the B01 with brushed bezel.

The new Superocean doesn’t only look good, it also sits perfectly on the wrist. I don’t have big wrists, so 42mm is just fine. Due to the small dial, the watch feels a lot smaller than my Pilot Chrono or Vintage Ingenieur. The bezel feels firm, but handles well and the rubber insert feels nice. I can see myself wearing one of these!

When I first saw the B01, I was a bit shocked by the bezel. It was too much bling for my taste. After I’ve worn the watch a couple of times, I got used to it, but a polished bezel was still not for me. Luckily Breitling also noticed that not everyone is fond of the polished bezel, so from now on you can order the B01 with a brushed bezel. The really is the finishing touch for this watch.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a change to make a picture of the new Blackbird. This watch was so popular, I couldn’t get a hold of it.

Another showstopper was this Avenger Code Yellow. Too bad Breitling decided to polish the stenciled numerals, I liked the white Skyland numerals better. Either way, this is a beautiful watch. The yellow hands give a nice contrast and the new rubber strap also looks the part.

Breitling brought the Chronospace back to life to replace the Airwolf. With a diameter of 48mm, this is a watch for the big boys. For me it is a bit too big. With a grey dial and a brown strap, this watch looks great. It has an alarm that rings at 90dB!! That is loud, when exposed to repeating noise of 90dB and louder, permanent hearing damage can occur. Better not leave this watch next to your ear when the alarm rings!

With the retro mesh bracelet, you also have a winner!

Just like Rolex, Breitling also has the Hulk. The Superocean Heritage is now available in dark green.

The Cockpit is in the witness protection program. They gave it a facelift and a new name: Galactic. The Galactic is available in 32 and 41mm and of course with a chronograph. The bezel is obviously inspired by the B01 and they changed the dials.

Ofcourse there was a lot of watch talk.

Father and son Koster (Breitling Netherlands)

John Travolta imitation contest:

Edgard Koster and Bernard Werk (Watching)

I wasn’t the only one taking pictures.

It was a nice evening with great people and watches. I’ll take the Superocean II with yellow bezel and rubber strap please 😀

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