Posted by: acejewelers | November 16, 2011

First Dutch Jeweler with a mCommerce Website

The Amsterdam based Ace Jewelers was the first luxury jeweler in The Netherlands to launch a classic eCommerce website in 2008. During the Emerce eRetail 2011 event in Bussum, Ace Jewelers’ CEO, Alon Ben Joseph, announced that CEO they were developing a full multichannel strategy for their business.  Today Ace Jewelers is the first jeweler to launch a unique and separate website with mCommerce functionalities with full check-out possibilities.


Ace Jewelers mCommerce site


First Digital Jeweler

Selling jewelry and watches via internet is still considered ‘not done’. Although Ace Jewelers has been online since 1998 and was the first Dutch authorised jeweler with an eBoutique in 2008, not all suppliers support eCommerce. The founder and CEO of Ace Jewelers, Mr. Alon Ben Joseph, says: ‘We do not think that the market of luxury retail is for pure players, etailers without physical stores. We truly believe in multichannel, classic retail with eCommerce. Last year we sold more than ten percent of our annual turn-over of 4.8 million Euro via our website.’


First Jewelers mCommerce Website

The new mobile website of Ace Jewelers is compatible with any tablet or smart phone and works on all operation systems, like: iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Ace Jewelers is the first jeweler that offers all sales channels for her customers. ‘We think that it is essential in the luxury industry that you can serve your customers in every (modern) way possible.  It is very easy just to receive an existing website to a smaller screen and call it m-commerce. But, we built a truly independent platform for our mCommerce activities and there for call ourselves a real multichannel retailer.’ says Ben Joseph.


Qweery Search & Navigation

The Dutch company Qweery, specialist in Instant Search & Navigation and also winner of the Dutch ‘Thuiswinkel Innovation Award 2011’, developed the mobile site for Ace Jewelers. The Managing Partner of Qweery, Mr. Ramon Cohen de Lara told us proudly: ‘We started our great partnership with Ace Jewelers at the beginning of this year, when we implemented the search engine on Ace Jewelers’s regular website. As Ace Jewelers loved our technique and partnership we teamed up again to build the first mobile luxury jewelers webshop in The Netherlands.’

When a consumer types in the URL the automatic selector will decide what device is being used (desk- or laptop, tablet or smart phone) and will automatically be presented with the matching Webshop: the eCommerce or the mCommerce version.


Ace Jewelers

Ace Jewelers is a family company founded by David Ben Joseph in 1975. Father David runs Ace & Spyer Jewelers on Koningsplein 1 and brother Amir runs Ace Trends in the Leidsestraat 21, both in the center of Amsterdam. Since 2003 Alon Ben Joseph (31) runs Ace & Dik Jewelers on the Van Baerlestraat 46 and the eBoutique The total group turn-over needs to grow to 10 million Euros in 2015. ‘With this new mobile webshop and our 360 degrees multichannel strategy we are confident we will succeed.’ says Alon Ben Joseph.



  1. It all sounds promising. It’s obvious to me Ace Jewelers is in a growing phase. And the company is taking the right step combining classic retail with e- and m-commerce. By operating this way I think the total group turn-over will reach the 10 million Euros in 2015 very easily. If not, then they should think of a different strategy.

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